• Hey!been so long since we last passed messages to each other. Hows life? Did you finished uni? Say hi once in awhile! Have a fun great day!

  • i hope u didnt forget wht is this day means ?.?

  • เขาทำเหมือนให้ความหวัง
    หรือ.. เป็นเพราะคุณเองมีใจให้เขาอยู่แล้วก็เลยคิดไปไกลว่าเขาให้ความหวัง
    เป็นเพราะตัวคุณเองมากกว่า ที่คิดไปไกลกับเขาตั้งแต่ต้น อะไรๆที่เขาทำก็เลยดูเป็นใจให้คุณคิดเข้าข้างตัวเองไปเสียหมด ..

    #และถ้าคุณจะเจ็บเพราะความผิดหวังก็คงจะผิดที่ตัวคุณที่คิดไปไกลเอง เขาไม่ได้ผิดอะไร!!

  • hi


  • งั้นพูดไทยก็ได้ อิอิ

    • อิอิ ก็หนูอยู่ฝรั่งเศสได้ 7 ปีแล้ว ธรรมดา อิอิ

    • แต่พี่พูดอังกฤษเก่งน่ะ

  • Anonymous

    you have a beautiful cou,try ^^

    • awww thanks, i travelled as much as i want, i'll update soon xxx (:

    • :) great me too i like travel very much , i hope to turn around the world :D

  • yes pretty ... i just keep it on this day

  • oi long time no see errrr hear heh! sry things have been so crazy for me that i havent had the time get back on here but I'll try check in here once a week which I'm pretty sure I can handle. How have you been? How's school treatin ya? I've been trying to get things going for myself but they seem to fall apart so its tough but I'm pushing along, hoping that one of the plans will work ^_^;

    hit me up whenever you have time okay, no rush :D Take care now

    - Kiara

  • Im really busy,, have no time to update anything tho , fb n Skype I rlly dnt hv time to talk tho :/ x

  • hi
    i dont know wht happen to u but many times i contact u in ur skype but u never reply

    and facebook too

    im tired to contact u and u ignored it

  • After exams week I'll update tho, have been traveling lots ;D xxxx

  • Yo,! I miss you all tho but i just have been busy,,
    New pics will be uploaded soon, I would love to share things to u all here tho ;D
    See ya soon!! :3

  • Hey!!!!!!!! I just wanted to say HI!!!!! and that I'm glad that you are still around here heh. I have traveled to New Mexico to visit family then I left from there back to Phoenix, Arizona! Man, its really hot!! But its dry heat instead of wet, sticky heat which is over in Illinois. I'm currently looking for a place and a job, not sure how I'm going to do that but that's what I planned on doing, heh. I'll try post back when I find free wifi somewhere in the city. I get around the city by the city bus system xP

    well for now, I need some sleep so hope to hear from you when you're not busy like me :D

    Take care, friend!!!!!

  • Hii for my best friend ^^) so,, how re ya doing?? i hop u good:))+5+5

  • iit okay girl just take ur time dont worrryy ^^ so, wotssup? by the way im okay thnks,, wot about u? hop u goood :) yess, i did :D emm,, we can sayy it is a rural town located in a mountainous area with many stunning views u know i love the landscape i hope to become one day a photographer and work with National Geographic lol... do u know something about my country?
    take care for ur self,, see yaa byee !!